2015 OVPES Conference

Teaching as Labor, Learning as Work: Educational Ideals and the Factory of Knowledge

PSIE Call for Papers

 Ohio Valley Philosophy of Education Society (OVPES) is one of the regional organizations of philosophers of education. We meet every year in the fall for a two day conference, and publish an annual peer-reviewed scholarly journal. OVPES is also a member of the Council of Social Foundations of Education (CSFE).

Greg2015 Presidential Address

Greg Loving holds a PhD in Philosophical Theology from the Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley. He is currently Associate Professor of Philosophy at Clermont College, an open access branch of the University of Cincinnati. Dedicated to classroom teaching, he focuses his pedagogical research on applying the psychology of learning to new classroom techniques. His hermeneutics-centered philosophical interests include the interaction between narrative and structures of power, the political philosophy of Machiavelli, and advancing a critical understanding of religious belief. He is also active in the American Association of University Professors, serving as President of a collective bargaining chapter representing 1800 faculty, as well as leading seminars across the country which train faculty how to deal with the media. He is also a joyfully cynical songwriter and performer, prompting one reviewer to comment “Dig it: The young Shel Silverstein, Arlo Guthrie and Kris Kristofferson climb into a time machine… and continue reflecting society in song.” Unfortunately, he will no doubt use the colossal power of the OVPES Presidency to urge unsuspecting colleagues to purchase one of his CDs. Of course, the tech savvy will just pilfer it on Spotify or something similar if they care to hear it at all.


Rudy2015 Phil Smith Lecture

Professor Rudy Fichtenbaum has a Ph.D. in economics from the University of Missouri-Columbia and has been a faculty member at Wright State University since 1980. He has authored more than forty-five articles and chapters in books dealing primarily with race and sex discrimination, changes in income distribution, the impact of unions on wages and benefits, and the effect of occupational structure on earnings. In 1997-98 he helped organize the faculty at Wright State and has served on the Executive Committee of AAUP-WSU as the Chief Negotiator since 1998. He helped lead the fight against SB 5 throughout Ohio, including testifying before House and Senate Committees. Since 1999 he has worked as a consultant analyzing the finances of colleges and universities for the AAUP and has presented numerous workshops for faculty on understanding university and college finances, costing contracts and health benefits. Since 2002 he has served as a member of both the National Council of the AAUP and the Executive Committee of the AAUP Collective Bargaining Congress. He was the 2010 Sternberg Award recipient, given annually to the “AAUP member who best demonstrates the concern for human rights, courage, persistence, political foresight, imagination, and collective bargaining skills.” In 2012, he was elected to be the fiftieth President of the AAUP and was reelected for a second term in 2014.

Clint Collins’ brief history of OVPES 

OVPES endeavors to: promote the fundamental philosophic treatment of the problems of education; promote the clarification of agreements and differences among the several philosophies of education through the opportunities for discussion afforded by annual meetings; advance and improve teaching in the philosophy of education both in schools for the education of teachers and in other educational institutions; cultivate fruitful relationships between workers in general philosophy and workers in philosophy of education; cultivate fruitful relationships between scholars in philosophy of education and those in other areas of education; encourage promising students in the field of philosophy of education. (Taken from PES)

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