PSIE 2009

Philosophical Studies in Education 40, 2009

Table of Contents

Editors page


Presidential Address

Phil Smith Lecture


Parrhesia as a Principle of Democratic Pedagogy, Kerry Burch … 71

The Audacity of Thought: Seeing Thinking as the Moral Virtue Pivotal to the Re-founding of Democracy on a Moral Basis, Bruce Novak … 83

Human Rights and Cosmopolitan Democratic Education, Dale T. Snauwaert … 94

John Dewey and a Pedagogy of Place, Stephanie Raill Jayanandhan … 104

Academic Studies, Science, and Democracy: Conceptions of Subject Matter from Harris to Thorndike, Joseph Watras … 113

Considering Lorraine Code’s Ecological Thinking and Standpoint Epistemology: A Theory of Knowledge for Agentic Knowing in Schools?, Deron Boyles … 125

(Re)Considering the Neutrality of Care: The Case of Body Mass Indexing in Schools, Carolyn Vander Schee … 138

Animal Rights and Human Growth: Intellectual Courage and Extending the Moral Community, Bradley D. Rowe … 153

Moral Philosophy, Disability, and Inclusive Education, E. Frank Fitch … 167

Images, Dialogue, and Aesthetic Education: Arendt’s response to the Little Rock Crisis, Adrienne Pickett … 188

Towards a Methodology of Postmodern Assemblage: Terminal Adolescent Selves and the Crisis of Representation, Chad Barnett … 200

Nourishing the Spirit, Reflection and Dialogue with our Students on the Question of Intelligent Design: What Are We Likely to Encounter and How Might We Proceed?, Ronald Zigler … 211

Leisure and Liberal Education:  A Plea for Uselessness, John E. Jalbert … 222

Rescuing Social Justice in Education: A Critique of the NCATE Controversy, Jessica Heybach … 234

Living the Ethics of Responsibility through University Service and Service-Learning: Phronesis and Praxis Reconsidered, Antonina Lukenchuk … 246