PSIE 2007

Philosophical Studies in Education 38, 2007

Table of Contents

Editors page


Presidential Address


Resistance as a Component of Educator Professionalism, Michael G. Gunzenhauser … 23

To Be Mindful of Otherness: Toward a Post-Psychoanalytic Problematic of Ethics and Education, Lisa Weems … 37

Nietzsche and the Paradox of Postmodern Education, Liz Jackson … 51

Gadamer and the Game of Truth: Frames and Fusions, Linda O’Neill … 61

“Celebrating the Other”: Power and Resistance as Prelude to Benhabib’s Deliberative Democracy, Julia G. Brooks … 71

Competition and Cooperation: Evil Twins or Fated Lovers?, Frank Fitch and Greg Loving … 83

Emerson and the Education of Nature, Bryan R. Warnick … 95

Root Metaphors, Paradigm Shifts, and Democratically Shared Values: Community Service-Learning as a Bridge-Building Endeavor, Eric C. Sheffield … 105

Educating in Place: Mathematics and Technology, Robert Klein … 119

What Would Jim Do? A Comparison of James Dobson’s and Jim Fay’s Philosophies of Parenting, Carolyn Buttner and William L. Fridley … 131

An Inquiry into Teaching in the Meno, David Diener … 141

Can Science Provide Bridges Among Educators?, Joseph Watras … 151

Failures of Language and Laughter: Anna Julia Cooper and Contemporary Problems of Humanistic Pedagogy, Jane Anna Gordon … 163

In the Service of Neglected People: Anna Julia Cooper, Ontology, and Education, Lemah Bonnick … 179

Beyond Oppositional Thinking: Radical Respect, Sharon G. Thornton and Rosalie M. Romano … 199