PSIE 2006

Philosophical Studies in Education 37, 2006

Table of Contents

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Presidential Address

Keynote Address


How Tocqueville’s Theory of the “Tyranny of the Majority” Can Benefit Social Justice Pedagogies, Kerry Burch … 45

Virtue, Liberty, and Discipline: Fostering the Democratic Character, John Covaleskie … 55

Does Morality Harm Children? Alice Miller on Morality and Poisonous Pedagogy, William L. Fridley … 65

Gender Anarchy as Social Justice: An Analytic Reconstruction of the Idea of Epistemic Equality in Jane Roland Martin’s Reclaiming a Conversation, Greg Seals … 75

From Philosophy of Education to Philosophizing About Education, Joseph Watras … 87

The Policy Agenda for Teacher Education: The Ohio Story , Xiaodan Huang … 97

Ohio Teacher Education: A Rant in Three Parts, Richard Quantz … 109

The Ohio Transfer Articulation Guide: An Ethics Case Study for Social Foundations of Education Faculty, Kathleen Knight Abowitz … 117

Awakening to the Politics of Higher Education, Francis C. Fowler … 127

Language, Labels, and Lingering (Re)Considerations: The Evolution and Function of Terminology in Special Education, Robert Osgood … 135

“Sex Respect”: Abstinence Education and Other Deployments for Sexual “Freedom”, Liz Jackson … 147

A Contrapuntal Analysis of Discourses of Desire in Education, Jennifer Logue … 159