PSIE 2003

Philosophical Studies in Education 34, 2003

Table of Contents


The Phil Smith Lecture

Presidential Address


Educational Authority: Its Happy Violence, Charles Bingham  (45)

First, Second, and Third-Person In Moral Education and Classroom Management, William L Fridley  (55)

September 11 and Existential Angst: Shaping Authentic Educational Responses, Emery J Hyslop-Margison  (67)

An Unfashionable Observation Takes Hold: Suffering and the Limits of Pedagogy, James Scott Johnston  (79)

A Lesson of Human Connection: 9-11, Film, Brotherhood, and Interpretation, Deron Boyles  (89)

Freire in the Classroom: Thinking Critically after September 11, Marguerite Rivage-Seul  (99)

Wendell Berry’s Conception of Knowledge—And His Communitarian, Ecological Worldview, Ray Wilkie  (109)

Wendell Berry on How Schools Reflect the Missing Community, Clint Collins  (121)

Creativeness as an Educative Ideal in Dewey’s Philosophy, Eun-Joo Yang  (129)

All Things with a Reservation: The Challenge of Alain Locke’s Critical Relativism, Linda O’Neill  (139)

Boyd Bode, Jerome Bruner, and Engaging Students’ Interests, Joseph Watras (151)