PSIE 2002

Philosophical Studies in Education 33, 2002

Table of Contents

Contributing Editor’s Introduction

The Phil Smith Lecture

Presidential Address


Authority and Educational Questioning, Charles Bingham  (45)

The Contemporary Relevance of George Herbert Mead’s Social Psychology and Pedagogy, Stephen Barnes  (55)

The Limits of Knowledge and the Desire for Wisdom, Timothy L Simpson (65)

Education, Philosophy and The Art of Living, Justen Infinito  (75)

Rebutting Two Claims that Education Cannot Be a Science, Greg Seals  (81)

Using the “R” Word Again: Pragmatism as Qualified Relativism, Barbara J Thayer-Bacon (93)

Prometheus Double-Bound: Educating the Social Individual, Megan Rust Mustain  (105)

Commercialism, Epistemology, and Channel One: The Problem of Consumer Materialism, Relativism, and An Age of Technophilia, Deron R Boyles  (115)

“Sophimetrics”: A Reinterpretation of Meno’s Paradox Applied to Standardized Testing in Schools, Darren Pascavage  (127)

A Dialogical Response to Feminist Utopian Fiction: Converations After Herland, Karen S Drotar  (135)