Ohio Valley Philosophy of Education Society (OVPES) is one of the regional branches of the Philosophy of Education Society and member of the Council of Social Foundations of Education (CSFE). OVPES meets every year in the fall for a two-day conference, and publishes an annual peer-reviewed scholarly journal, Philosophical Studies in Education. Because many of the doctoral programs in philosophy of education are located in institutions in the immediate vicinity of the Ohio Valley, the conference is regularly attended by prominent and influential scholars in the field.  At the same time, OVPES conference welcomes graduate student presenters and regularly puts on conference events that provide mentoring opportunities, publishing workshops and job search symposiums designed specifically for graduate students.

OVPES Mission Statement

OVPES endeavors to fulfill each of the aims of its parent organization PES. The organization strives to

  • Promote the fundamental philosophic treatment of the problems of education,
  • Promote the clarification of agreements and differences among the several philosophies of education through the opportunities for discussion afforded by annual meetings,
  • Advance and improve teaching in the philosophy of education both in schools for the education of teachers and in other educational institutions,
  • Cultivate fruitful relationships between workers in general philosophy and workers in philosophy of education,
  • Cultivate fruitful relationships between scholars in philosophy of education and those in other areas of education, and
  • Encourage promising students in the field of philosophy of education.

OVPES Constitution

The proceedings of the OVPES conference, journal and administration follow a constitution that has been democratically ratified by the constituent members of the OVPES community. Particular policies and procedures can be discussed and amended in the business meeting which takes place on the final day of the annual conference.  Please see the OVPES Constitution here. For editing purposes, a docx version is here.

History of OVPES

For a brief account of the history of OVPES, see here.

Photographs of the University of St. Mary of the Lake courtesy of Valenti Builders.